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Energy Efficiency Consultants in Melbourne

Draught proof your home to make it a joy to live in.

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begin your  energy freedom journey with our energy management consultants

The 9 key steps to achieving energy freedom:

  • Draught-Proofing

  • Lighting

  • Insulation

  • Windows and Shading

  • Appliances and Cooking

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Hot Water

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Solar Power

How to get started?

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1.     Book a home audit

  • A member of our team will come and thoroughly examine your home.​

​2.     Start your plan

  • We will guide you through the first steps to energy freedom.​
  • Draught Proofing is the simplest and most affordable step, with instant and long-lasting results.

3.     Enjoy energy freedom

  • Enjoy shattered energy bills and improved comfort in your home.
  • You've also taken part in preserving our beautiful planet!

Energy usage consultants that know their business

Our expert team helps Melbourne customers to achieve energy freedom throughout their homes in a range of ways, including draught proofing, LED light fitting, insulation work and more. We specialise in problem detection for properties of all shapes and sizes and promise to leave you totally impressed by the results. Expect lower energy bills, less carbon emissions and total comfort when you call Sapien for an audit and installation service. 

Our company was established to deal with energy usage problems throughout Melbourne and we have helped countless people to slash their power bills and overheads. We understand the challenges of running a household and want to make your life easier. That’s why we come straight to the front door of customers far and wide to carry out comprehensive testing using advanced equipment and techniques. From there, we’ll get to work implementing the best practices to improve the functionality of your home in ways that will save money. Put your faith in our energy usage consultants and trust that we have the expertise to deal with any challenge. 

Speak with our energy consultants in Melbourne today

Our energy efficiency consultants in Melbourne are here to help. Contact us for a range of expert services that will allow you to save money on costly power bills and achieve energy freedom. Looking for a light consultation service to replace old fixtures? We can assist with that too. Call Sapien today and make a smart investment in your future.


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