May 25, 2020

If you’re amongst the thousands of Australians who have now found themselves working from home while simultaneously quarantining to stop the spread of Coronavirus; three weeks in you are likely finding things out about your home you never knew existed.

With an undetermined timeline put in place for remote work across the country, it’s inevitable that the more time spent at home, the higher your energy bills will be in the coming months. While you may feel like this is completely out of your control, there are actually some ways you can make your home more energy efficient to not only help you cut costs during these uncertain times, but to also improve your productivity, concentration and focus while working from home. 

Upgrade your lighting

Still using halogen or incandescent light globes...

November 23, 2016

Summer is on the way folks, and it's mighty tempting to crank up the AC straight away and flop around on the bathroom floor in your undies but wait!... Before you go set the dial to -10° C there's a few things you can try first to save you money on that looming energy bill and make your house more comfortable along the way.

   1. Shade your windows

In particular, your North and West facing windows will let in a tonne of unwanted heat. When it comes to keeping out the sun, external shading, such as outside blinds, do a much better job than internal shading such as your curtains. Keeping your blinds down or setting up a shade cloth can make a huge difference when trying to keep your house cool as that powerful summer sun comes out.

   2. Closing doors


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