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Having trouble focusing while working remotely? Could your home be the issue?

If you’re amongst the thousands of Australians who have now found themselves working from home while simultaneously quarantining to stop the spread of Coronavirus; three weeks in you are likely finding things out about your home you never knew existed.

With an undetermined timeline put in place for remote work across the country, it’s inevitable that the more time spent at home, the higher your energy bills will be in the coming months. While you may feel like this is completely out of your control, there are actually some ways you can make your home more energy efficient to not only help you cut costs during these uncertain times, but to also improve your productivity, concentration and focus while working from home.

Upgrade your lighting

Still using halogen or incandescent light globes? It’s time to upgrade to light emitting diodes, otherwise known as LEDs. 90% more efficient than alternative globes, not only are LEDs more energy efficient, they are also longer lasting than other lightbulbs. LED lights can last anywhere from 25,000 - 50,000 hours compared to incandescent globes, which have a lifespan of no more than 10,000 hours.

LED lighting is also optimum for working at home. Serving as a great source of light, LED bulbs are available in a broad spectrum of colour temperatures and wide range of dimming options, allowing you to set the mood for work vs. play. They also boast lower temperatures creating a calmer, relaxed environment, more conducive to churning out an 40-hour work day from your living room. Less heat also brings a reduced risk of house fires compared to halogen lights.

Downlight replacements are specially designed to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. Installing LED downlights can really make a difference to your overall working environment. If you’re noticing you're starting to lose focus, poor lighting could be one of the reasons why.

Ready to get your work from home productivity back on track? Get in contact with professional lighting consultants in Melbourne. Providing you with comprehensive and effective solutions for your home, Sapien can help identify any problems with your current light fixtures and setup. LED downlight installation or replacement is also available for families interested in making the switch to LED.

Fix draughts by replacing old insulation and sealings

Have you noticed a pesky draught distracting you from completing tasks at home? Draughts can come into your home through cracks and gaps around windows, doors, vents, fireplaces and other fixtures that may be letting air pass through.

While a chilly draft can be incredibly annoying when you’re attempting to concentrate on piles of work, it is also especially inefficient when it comes to conserving energy. Draughts can account for 15-25% of total heat loss, depending on the size of the gap or crack. Spending day in and day out at home with the heating on can only amplify the amount of heat loss, which can be detrimental to your energy bill.

With autumn in full-swing and winter quickly approaching, the temperature is beginning to cool, amplifying that pesky draught that’s been distracting you from work. This also means that if you’re pumping the heater to stay warm, much of the heat generated is being lost, sucked straight out of your home through tiny little cracks.

Not sure if you can take on the gaps by yourself? Call Sapien, professional draught proofers today to request your draught proofing audit. Our team will come to your home and evaluate the situation. We will then make recommendations on ways you can seal windows, doors and other areas where gaps may be present and carry out these to ensure it is done properly.

Reclaim your work from home space by taking control of your energy bill today. Reach out to our friendly team at Sapien to book in a draught proofing and LED lighting consultation. For more information give our office a call at 0430 537 574.

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