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Lighting Consultants in Melbourne

Effective solutions to improve your home
Sapien can help if you are looking for a comprehensive lighting consultation service in Melbourne that will make a world of difference to your space. We can come direct to your front door to conduct an audit that will identify any problems with your current fixtures and lighting setup.
Getting started
LED downlight replacements
Our LED downlight replacements are specially designed to save energy and reduce your power bill. Looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to halogen globes that provide standout illumination and efficiency? Look to the professionals at Sapien. Call us today to learn more about our efficient lighting consultants and the expert guidance that they have to offer.
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Looking for a professional lighting consultation service in Melbourne?

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Why do I need a lighting consultant?

We know how to get the best results. The team at Sapien is committed to helping residents across Melbourne achieve energy freedom. One way of doing this is by installing LED downlight replacements for older fixtures that don’t meet modern standards of design.
Halogen globes in particular are a problem because they cost more money to run and require ventilation due to the amount of heat that they produce. This is bad news when it comes to energy efficiency and environmental impact. Look to our lighting consultants in Melbourne to install LED downlight replacements and stop paying the price for inferior products.

About our efficient lighting consultants

Sapien was established to help people achieve energy freedom and that’s why we travel far and wide to ensure that everyone has access to professional lighting consultants who can fully fit homes of all shapes and sizes.
Our specialist team can improve the functionality of your property in a range of ways and promises to always leave you blown away by the results. It’s surprising how easy it is to make significant changes and we are committed to helping you do just that. 
What else is included

Get in touch with our LED lighting consultants today

Reach out to our lighting consultants in Melbourne for LED downlight replacements and a range of other services. We can conduct a thorough evaluation of your home and install the best solutions to meet your needs. Sapien also offers draught proofing for houses using blower door technology. Contact us today to learn more.  


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